While millions gather round this morning to rehash the wedding of the prince and his lady, Joe Brady is going the other way.

Inside a bus rented for the special occasion, Brady and 40 solemn compatriots will be bah-humbugging aimlessly across England's fabled Lake District in blessed isolation.

They will be wearing "I Hate Prince Charles" T-shirts throughout their nine-hour journey, all pub stops are prohibited, radios forbidden, mini-TVs out of the question. In fact, anyone uttering so much as a peep about the hoppla unfolding 250 miles south will be asked to kindly step off.

More great escapes:

Under the direction of Gwilym Owen of Caenarven, Wales, about 200 Welsh nationlists are escaping wedding day with a trip to Dublin, Ireland.

A day trip to Boulogne, France, for 300 sponsored by the London-based office of the Socialist Workers' Party. Fifty more Londoners will go to Boulogne to spend the day with French Socialist comrades.

A spokesman for P and O Ferries in London reported a rush of day-trippers headed for Boulogne yesterday, 900 of whom signed up Monday.

"We now that Lady Diana chews her fingernails, but that's about the only blemish on her snow-white image that has been dug up," reported the (London) Sunday People.

Noting in the television interview that she was observing the tradition of not meeting the groom on the wedding eve, 20-year-old Lady Diana chuckled: o"We might quarrel."