Danny Gatton has been touring with neo-rockabilly cat Robert Gordon lately, but last night he got a chance to stretch out for nearly two hours before a sizable home-town crowd at the Cellar Door.

The guitarist appeared with Rock House, an impressive group of local rock revivalists. They begin the set in Memphis with an exuberant version of Junior Parker's "Next Time You See Me," charged down to Louisiana for Rockin' Sidney's "You Ain't Nothin' But Fine," and then crossed the border into Texas for a Freddie King blues. One song followed hard on the heels of another, and none passed without a pointed comment from Gatton's fender guitar.

Predictably, there was plenty of Memphis music. The band provided Gatton with several Elvis songs, ranging from the early "I Got a Woman" to one of his last hits, "Burnin' Love." That tune gave way to the first of several extended instrumentals, which finally brought the set to an exhausting close. Gatton had a field day on those pieces, playing slide guitar with a bottle of Heineken, engaging in a blistering duel with guitarist Marty Bauman, and weaving a crazy rock quilt from country, jazz, blues and even surf licks.

They all return tonight.