GETTING A BUZZ ON: At a 1940 New Year's Eve dinner party in in Northwest Washington, it was was reported that when the host opened a bottle of 1928 Pommery, he found a fly inside. Thinking it was dead, the guests placed the bug on on a plate. Within a few minutes, the 12-year-old French fly began to crawl drunkenly across the table. Scientists were baffled, since the life span of a fly is normally 60 days.

GOOD TO THE LAST DROP: In 1958 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it was reported that a fly saved the lives of 16 people and launched an official investigation into an attempted mass poisoning. It seems that when a government steward was preparing morning coffee for officials, a fly lit on the open tin of coffee and immediately dropped dead. The servant took a closer look at the coffee tin and smelled something like burnt almonds. Police were called. They later determined that the coffee had been laced with a large quantity of cyanide.

FALLEN FLIES: In 1958, it was reported that 80,000 residents of Peking killed more than 1 million flies in 24 hours by persistent swatting and poisoning of garbarge.

FLY ME TO THE MOON: In 1966, 10 million plant and bug specimens were lost when a NASA satellite spun out of orbit on its fourth day in space. It was the first satellite in the $100 million "bring 'em back alive" Biosatellite program. Among those lost in space were 10,000 fruit flies.