William Casey, the embattled director of the CIA, was born on March 13, 1913, and has his sun in Pisces. This sun, strongly configurated with other planets, especially with steadying Saturn, gives him the fortitude and strnegth to remain cool under stress, while his optimism will make him feel that everything will turn out all right.

There has been a controversy swirling about his judgment and business ventures. His chart, however, is that of a decent, honest man, too strong to stoop to underhanded tactics or any kind of deception. His planetary configurations provide him with a strong ego and a good self-image. His Piscean influence soothes the rough edges and makes him idealistic. The chart shows he is sentimental and mellows his stubbornness with compassion. He can be a loyal friend or a formidable enemy.

His Mercury (planet of mind) indicates he can learn quickly but is easily bored with details; he is innovative, witty and quick at repartee. If there is a flaw it is in his optimism. He has a tendency to give a person the benefit of doubt, often too much of a benefit. Such an aspect makes a person take risks, believing that everything will turn out for the best.

His chart indicates excellent business ability and a talent for making money. He is capable of undertaking risky ventures that often pay off. At the same time, because of his natal overoptimistic aspect he could be led down the proverbial garden path since he prefers to think positive rather than negative.

Because of his chart, I cannot believe this man would ever deliberately deceive anyone. In fact, the opposite could be true. Because of that positive streak he could be deceived instead.

His judgment is excellent and would remain so if he listened more to his mental reservations. He is excellent in assessing immediately and correctly the resources of other people, but then he gets carried away with his tendency to believe the best. If he cannot conquer this impulse, he should always have someone around who can play devil's advocate.

Even though the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence decided this week that "no basis has been found for concluding Mr. Casey is unfit to serve" as head of the CIA, there are questions still to be resolved: Will he remain in office? Will he resign? Will he be forced to resign? This is not the chart of a man who can be easily pushed around, and if he knows he is right, he will fight. At the present his aspects indicate a situation where the chickens have come home to roost.

A crucial time for him and the final resolution occurs during September-October of this year. I do not have his hour of birth, which is imperative since his chart indicates an end to a cycle. If he was born early in the morning, the cycle lasts through 1984, but if he was born in late afternoon or evening, his status changes before the end of this year. But whatever his fate might be, as an astrologer, I would tend to agree with Sen. Goldwater -- who also questioned Casey's judgment -- that his tendency to given too much benefit of the doubt and to be overoptimistic are not necessarily the qualities that are desirable for the director of the CIA.

In my last column I said that Richard Viguerie has Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Libra. The reverse is correct: He has Mercury in Libra and Venus in Scorpio.