Dr. Mary Mayflower Benyamin and Dr. George Edgin Pugh were married last Saturday, August 1 in a family ceremony at Immanuel Presbyterian Church with the Rev. William Harvey as the officiating minister and Lindsey Bergen, the sololist. The reception was held at the home of Mr. Dale Thomas of Willows, Md.

Dr. Benyamin is a political science instructor at the University of Maryland and the author of several articles, including the Branch Theory. The recipient of the MA and PhD from Columbia University (N.Y.) in public law and government, she has studieds at the School on International Affairs in Switzerland, the Science Politique, France, and at the University of Perugia, Italy. Her late father, the Rev. Yosip Benyamin, was a Presbyterian Evangelist, and her mother belonged to the Nestorian dynasty and a cousin of Mar Shimum XIX, the Nestorian patriarch, political and spirtual leader in the Middle East -- Iran was the official seat.

Dr. Pugh is president and founder of Decision Science Applications. He was Deputy Assistants Directors of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, served with the Institute of Defense Analysis, and taught physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his PhD in nuclear physics. He is the author of "The Biological Origin of Human Values" and has written many articles.