AN EYE FOR AN EYE -- At a score of area theaters.

When Professor Toru Tanaka breaks Rosalind Chao's neck, you actually hear the crack. For that -- plus other crunching noises, the spectacle of a man burning alive, another being crushed, and lots of pretty shots of San Francisco -- you might want to see "An Eye for an Eye," Avco Embassy's, venture into the martial-arts craze.

The movie star Chuck Norris, softspoken blond of steel, and features a cast of hundreds, most of whom end up dead. Christopher Lee does his suave creep shtick and TV actress Maggie Cooper's there for love interest. The plot, as if it mattered, ransacks everything from "The French Connection" to "Eyewitness," plus a few faves of the tube. Some may be disappointed, though, that there's no anoculation.

"What'll tell the commissioner?" police captain Richard Roundtree demands of Officer Chuck, after Chuck's partner goes down in flames. A woman is the screening audience seemed to have the answer. "This is terrible," she allowed, burying her face.

The professor, by the way, was also in the theater. He weighs 290 pounds and wrestles professionally, but seems like a nice-enough chap. And he does deliver some funny grunts in the movie.

The producer's a fellow named Frank Capra Jr., not to be confused with his father. But judging from "An Eye for an Eye," there's hardly a chance of that.