Egyptian President Anwar Sadat came last week to Washington to meet President Reagan for the first time, and to discuss, among other things, the thorny problems of the Middle East. Reagan stated that he and Sadat "will walk together" while trying to find the road to peace in that part of the world. That walk, however, may prove to be on a bumpy road since Anwar Sadat would like PLO to be involved in direct negotiations -- an idea that is viewed suspiciously by the Reagan administration.

In my previous columns (Sept. 9, 1979, and Sept. 16, 1979, and April 4, 1980), I said the Camp David accord will not become viable because of the eventual eruption of hostilities. I also compared the charts of Jimmy Carter, Sadat and Begin.

Since President Reagan's chart brings a new factor into the Begin-Sadat equation, it might be interesting to see how the three charts interact.

Sadat was born on Dec. 25, 1918, and has his Sun in Capricorn. Saturn, the rule of Capricorn, is beautifully configurated in Sadat's chart not only with his Sun, but also with other major planets. This pattern endows him with the sterling qualities of courage, fortitude, stability, reliability, resilience and leadership. This makes him a man of integrity.

Since President Reagan's chart, despite his Sun in Aquarius, is primarily of the Taurus-Capricorn disposition, his planetary pattern endows him with the same qualities. These two "Capricornian" men will like each other, will be congenial, and will trust each other implicitly.

Reagan's planets support and enhance Sadat's chart, and thus President Reagan will be helpful to Sadat in many ways.

Anwar Sadat's suggestion that President Reagan begin talks with the PLO is very interesting from an astrological point of view. President Reagan's chart falls on Mr. Arafat's chart in such a strong and constructive way that their talks could be successful. Their fateful link is currently accentuated by the eclipse that fell in February on both: President Reagan's Sun, and Arafat's Mercury. This eclipse, in the latter chart, indicates many alterations in the area of communications.

Just as the strong planetary links between the Sadat and Begin charts helped them to forge a peace treaty, similar links between the charts of President Reagan and Arafat present the same opportunity.

Both President Reagan and President Sadat have no problem in making decisions. Sadat with his cardinal chart (action) tends to make decisions more quickly than Reagan with his fixed (entrenchment) chart. Since both men are under the strong influence of Capricorn, they are pragmatic, flexible, accommodating, and willing to explore new avenues of approach. Therefore, they will be able to listen to one another, to communicate well, and profit from their exchange

Unfortunately for Mr. Begin, who is expected to come here in September, his chart is not meshing that well with the chart of President Reagan. There are only two links: one of them negative (and extremely irritating), while the other, (Reagan's reliable Saturn) even though it supports firmly the foundation of Begin's chart, it is Begin's own strong Mercury-Uranus opposition that may cause the dislodgment of that support.

Begin's Mercury in Leo (fixed) and afflicted, is quite incompatible with Reagan's pragmatic Mercury in Capricorn. While the fixity of Begin's chart indicates a head-on collision with the fixity of Reagan's chart, Reagan's chart gets the better of the two.

Predictions: The charts of President Sadat and of Mr. Begin indicate great stress. Heavy Saturn aspects on Begin's chart tend to make him even more intractable than ever; they put his status in jeopardy, as well as his health. He should be very careful during the middle of August, the first part of October, and then again in the middle of November.

The months of November and December are crucial for President Sadat -- and that period is also crucial on Reagan's chart. President Sadat should be very careful about his safety starting from the first days of October.