Jay J. Armes, the private detective and founder of The Investigator, has been suspended from the editorial staff of the monthly muckraking magazine, publisher Jack Anderson said yesterday, "because he's fabricated part of his background."

Armes was the subject of a profile in yesterday's editions of The Washington Post in which some of the details of his puzzling, James-Bondish past were called into question. Armes claimed to pilot jet helicopters, although the Federal Aviation Administration said he had no airman's certificate. Armes claimed he had located the missing daughter of Yoko Ono, although Ono denied that she had ever hired him.

"We had a showdown, and I suspended him," Anderson said. "As I said in the piece in The Post, I had ordered an investigation of him. While it hasn't been concluded, I've been told by my people that a lot of the allegations in the Post article are true."

According to Anderson, Armes' name will be removed from the masthead of the magazine after publication of the October issue, which is already on press. "He will not be part of future issues," Anderson said. "I have absolute editorial control of the magazine. I'm disturbed about him Armes . There was a matter of some contracts with him, which I won't go into, but the lawyers tell me he can't do anything about it. He owns 30 percent of the magazine. There's nothing I can do about taking his stock away."

Armes could not be reached for comment.