The air traffic controllers strike presents us with a fascinating astrological picture -- one could almost say this strike was written in the stars. Or, to be more specific, it was pressaged by the pattern of lunations and eclipses that fell on the chart of the United States, and that of the inauguration, as well as on the charts of three main protagonists: President Reagan, Secretary of Transportation Drew Lewis, and Robert E. Poli, president of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO). (Strife was also indicated by the planetary configurations present in the charts cast for the spring, summer, fall and winter equinoxes, e.g., the Suns's entry into four cardinal signs -- Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.)

Leaving aside other pertinent, but very technical data, two eclipses occured during the month of July. The first occured on July 17 (on 25 degree of Capricorn), while the eclipse on July 31 fell on 7 degree of Leo. If one assumes that an eclipse sensitizes any planet, or any important point (cusp) on which it falls in exact (within one degree) conjunction or opposition, then the eclipse of July 17 sensitized a very important point on the inauguration chart (Midheaven on 26 degree of Capricorn), and sensitized Uranus on Reagan's chart (Reagan's Uranus 26 degree of Capricorn, is identical with the Midheavan on inauguration chart, and was one of the factors used in correctly predicting his election.)

The second eclipse of July 31 on 7 degree of Leo fell on the chart of the U.S.A. (the nodes), on Reagan's chart (cusps), and on the Moon in the inauguration chart.

The effects of those two eclipses on Reagan's chart made me apprehensive, since Reagan's Uranus that rules aviation is afflicted, and this combined with other factors, made me fear and airplane crash. Frankly, I felt relieved that this affliction resolved itself in the form of an air controllers strike which affected the nation, rather than his own health and security.

I would like to add that because Uranus rules aviation and electronic equipment, in addition to ruling revolts, anarchy, strikes, all natural disasters, including explosions and earthquakes, I would have been hard put to predict specifically an air controllers strike.

Nevertheless, all data indicated that something unpleasant was brewing, and now, since the strike, many people are asking whether it could have been avoided.

To answer this we have to look at the charts of the three protagonists, and as an astrologer I can easily say that if Poli had been born on any other day, the negotiations might not have been broken off, and the strike could have been avoided.

The reason I chose Poli's chart as the culprit, is that it is the chart of a man incapable of negotiating anything, at any place, at any time.

Poli was born on Feb. 27, 1937, and has his Sun in Pisces. This Sun, configurated with Uranus, makes him desirous of attracting attention to himself. This Sun-Uranus combination provides this chart with a focus on "ME" rather than on other people, and that character trait is not an asset when negotiating on behalf of other people.

Furthermore, the drive to be noticed and applauded is further strengthened by other planets that imbue him with a desire to rise to the top of the heap.

His Mercury in Aquarius adds the final touch, since it is negatively configurated with his Mars in Scorpio. Such a negative aspect (without any help from other planets) indicates a person whose timing is always rash and wrong. In addition, since those two planets are in fixed signs, they, at first, tend not to budge, only to take a sudden leap in the wrong direction.

His Mercury without any aspects to his Moon (the population) indicates also an inability to communicate well with the public. His Mercury-Mars aspect can "bulldoze through" but does not garner much good will since it is never diplomatic.

The eclipse of July 17 fell also on Poli's chart, activating his Pluto, which spears the drive for prestige and power, but unfortunately for him, that Pluto is in exact opposition to Reagan's Uranus, which is much stronger and dominates Poli's chart.

When I took at Poli's chart, so preoccupied with himself and the drive for power, and see his inflexible Mercury, I come to the conclusion that to send any person into complex negotiations with such a chart is to invite disaster. This is especially true if he has to negotiate with people whose charts are stronger than his and cannot be bulldozed.

That is exactly what happened when he ran across the Scorpionic and Taurian charts of Lewis and Reagan.

This is the first of a two-part column on the air traffic controllers strike.