If consistency is a virtue then Savoy Brown is a prime candidate for sainthood. Despite countless personnel changes, the British blues band, which appeared at the Bayou last night, sounds very much like it did 15 years ago -- competent but bland.

True, the addition of singer Ralph Morman, formerly of the Joe Perry Project, has lent a harder rock edge to the music, but the band still hasn't come up with an idea or even a riff it can call its own. Occasionally, guitarist Kim Simmonds rose above the tired rock and blues cliche's to infuse the music with a little personality, and it was those few moments that kept the evening from becoming an ear-splitting bore.

More often, though, Simmonds simply fell in line behind Morman's gruff posturing. Together they led the band through a series of songs distinguished solely by their uniformity and their indebtedness to other rock and blues musicians.

Silver Condor, the hard-rock quintet that opened the concert, has one striking asset -- lead singer Joe Cerisano. Cerisano isn't one to dwell on the subtleties of human emotions, but on rock's Richter scale his voice ranks with the best of them.