"The key to successful business and personal relationships," says psychologist David Merrill, "is versatility.

"High versatility means that people are comfortable or impressed with our behavior, although it does not necessarily mean that they like us as individuals."

To determine your versatility, describe your reaction to each statement as either "very true," "somewhat true," "somewhat false" or "very false":

1. Before I dress, I consider those i might meet for the first time and dress to have an appropriate impact on them.

2. There are times I will say things just to impress people with my vocabulary and knowledge of a subject.

3. I seldom let it be known if my feelings are hurt by something someone says to me about the way I feel.

4. I have some difficulty socializing with people whose educational background or experience is different from mine.

5. I am equally good at taking or giving directions when necessary.

6. Because I recognize the importance of first impressions, I give special attention to my grooming.

7. I am a skillful speaker and find its easy to communicate my ideas in groups and one-on-one situations.

8. People ask my opinion on a variety of subjects, and appear to respect my judgment even if they disagree with me.

9. My manner of dress is one way to express my individuality, and it's not my problem if someone is put off by the impression I create.

10. I sometimes have trouble expressing my ideas in a clear, concise and organized manner.

11. At a social gathering, I tend to seek out and spend most of my time with people whose interests are similar to mine.

12. I am usually very frank with others and can disagree with them without causing hurt feelings.

Scoring -- Add your score, using the following values: [TABLE OMITTED] Intepretation

0 to 24: less versatility than most people

25 to 30: mid-range, typical versatility

31 to 36: extreme versatility

"Most people, particularly those who are very insightful," says Merrill, "tend to underestimate their versatility."