Among area theater arrangements for the hearing-impaired:

* Kennedy Center: Eisenhower and Terrace Theaters equipped with an infrared sound-amplification system. Free headsets, obtainable in theater lobby on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 254-3600.

* National Theater: infrared sound-amplification system. Headsets, free, available in the lobby. Persons wanting to read a script of the show may arrange to do so by calling 783-3370.

* Arena Stage: temporary license from the FCC to operate an FM phonic ear system. One of the 15 headsets may be reserved, free, when ordering tickets. Play summaries are available from the house manager; scripts for pre-show reading expected to be available this fall. 554-9066.

* Ford's Theater: in the process of getting equipment for the hearing-impaired.

Among resources for the hearing-impaired:

* Washington Area Group for the Hard of Hearing: self-help and community-education organization. Write P.O. Box 6283, Silver Spring, Md. 20906, or call 588-2514.

* Consumers Organization for the Hearing Impaired, Inc.: nationwide network and lobbying group. Write P.O. Box 2538, Laurel, Md. 20811.

* Better Hearing Institute: non-profit information clearinghouse and referral service. Call 638-7577 in the Washington, D.C. area, or outside, (800) 424-8576.

* Washington Hearing and Speech Society: non-profit, United Way-funded organization offering audiologic and speech pathology services on a sliding-fee scale at two clinics: 1934 Calvert St. NW, 265-7335, and Sibley Memorial Hospital, 244-4420. The Calvert Street clinic encourages donations of used hearing aids (for which they'll issue a tax receipt) that they recondition for indigent patients.

* Gallaudet College Audiology Department: offers hearing-assessment tests and counseling for adults and children at their Northeast Washington campus. 651-5328.

* Dial-A-Test: recorded hearing test for adults in English and Spanish. Call USA-HEAR.

* National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Stroke: offers free pamphlet on hearing loss. Write NINCDS at the National Institute of Health, Room 8A06, Building 31, Bethesda, Md. 20205.

* National Hearing Aid Association: free "consumer kit" for persons calling their "Hearing Aid Helpline," (800) 521-5247.

* Organization for Use of the Telephone, Inc.: lobbies for legislation requiring the manufacture of special telephones for the hearing-impaired. P.O. Box 175, Owings Mills, Md. 21117.