They've called it "Bedtime for Brezhnev," a Free Enterprise Film starring Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis with George Bush, Gen. Haig and Henry Kissinger (as Doc). The good guys wear white hats, while Comrade Castro, Chairman Brezhnev and "Col. Khadafy" are clearly on the other side. And while the movie is touted in a '40s-style color poster as "based on an original concept by Barry Goldwater" in "color by Hairol," it is not expected to break -- or even make -- the box office.

In fact, it is a poster without a film, created by Harvard Business School students John Freund, a CPA, and David Porter, who has completed medical school. "We're both on student loans," said Porter. "And when we heard the Reagan economic plan would include cutbacks on student loans, we decided we'd have to look for help through the free enterprise system, not Uncle Sam."

Porter, a fan of Reagan reruns, read about the high price of vintage Reagan movie posters, and mentioned doing one with a foreign-policy theme to classmate Freund during a break in their organizational behavior class. During the second half of the class Freund slipped Porter a note saying "Bedtime for Brezhnev," and the idea was in motion. Over beer, they hatched "From out of the west, they dusted off their guns . . . to protect the world they knew and the women they loved!"

To produce this poster, the pair used the money they had made from a poster they created during first semester touting the egocentric world view of Harvard folk. They tapped the same artist, Arthur Witschonke, to do the poster in the genre of Old West movies. Turned down by book publishers, and the makers of what Porter calls "jiggle" posters, they contracted with Oh Dawn Inc., a novelty toilet paper distributor, to market it. The posters are in a few local gift shops.