"Ladies and gentlemen. Class meets class. Wolf Trap presents the Spinners!" the announcer proclaimed. He was right on both counts. Words are not needed for the amphitheater, and the Spinners, well, they are the epitome of class, of the souped-up, soul music sort.

Their show last night was a toe-tapping, finger-snapping, sing-along-as-best-you-can delight that had the crowd hopping on the lawn and dancing in the balcony. Gliding across the stage like a formation of earthbound Blue Angels, the five singers, dressed in matching baby blue suits, executed precise steps and truly nifty routines, all without dropping a note.

The group has changed its act somewhat from earlier performances. The music was a bit harder, funkier at times, and most of the early hits were confined to a medley aptly titled "Spinners Gold." They also included a sleek version of the Four Seasons classic "Working My Way Back to You" and selections from their new record "Dancin' and Lovin.' "

Ah, but some things never change. In the middle of their show, the Spinners held forth with a heart-rending monologue that dealt with that terrible time "in the midnight hour" when your woman is gone and you need some lovin', and all the money you got can't help you -- "you can't get much lovin' out of George Washington on a one dollar bill." Well, there's certainly no denying that -- or the Spinners, for that matter.