Frank Sinatra was born on Dec. 12, 1915 and has his Sun in Sagittarius. A twinkling Jupiter, the ruler of his Sun Sign, helped him to ride the crest of popularity in the 1940s, cast him down in the '50s, brought him back from oblivion in the movie "From Here to Eternity," and appropriately Frank has remained on top ever since.

Despite ups and downs of Frankie's career, his talent was never the subject of any questions or controversies. Everything else in his life, however, has been controversial and many questions remain unanswered. Some believe he is good and generous; some say he is mean and stingy. Some say he has connections with the Mafia, some say he happens to have friends who just happen to be in the Mafia. During the Kennedy administration he was very in and then suddenly very out at the White House. He is presently very in with the Reagans and some people are waiting for him to be out again.

His astrological chart gives a clear answer why so many people hold such widely varied opinions about him. His chart indicates a person whose internal makeup is divided and self-contradictory, having two very distinct, and yet very different and conflicting drives.

His Sun in conjunction with other planets in Sagittarius, strongly supported by several planets in Leo (both are fire signs) is in direct conflict with his Moon, conjunct other planets in Pisces, and combined with planets in Cancer (water signs). The two remaining planets (one in earth and one in air) do not solve the conflict, but augment the strength of those two different sides of his personality.

This particular fire-water divisive combination makes him temperamental, moody and, at times, quite difficult to deal with, simply because he has difficulties coping with this conflict within himself.

A Sagittarius-Leo combination tends to make a person outgoing, vivacious, friendly, spontaneous, generous, amiable, energetic, unendingly curious and fascinated by people. This unending curiosity and optimism often leads Sagittarians into situations where "angels fear to tread," and while lucky Jupiter pulls them from the holes they fall into, it does not prevent them from falling into them in the first place.

Any strong Sagittarian person is leery of long-term commitments, and protracted contractual agreements are difficult for them to enter into. They always try to keep a door open for a fast exit. Close that door of escape and they get very shaky.

If this "fire" side of Frankie's nature had been better supported by the rest of his planets, his life, both external and internal, would have been much easier. But unfortunately his water planets attempt to douse all that fire. His Pisces Moon, tied to other Piscean and Cancerian planets, indicates deeply felt emotions (clearly manifested in his superb interpretation of the nuances of lyrics). This Pisces-Cancer combination longs for long-term commitments and attachments, desires for permanent home and stability -- and seeks lots of affection, gentleness and nurturance. All of this is totally inimical to his Sagittarian needs for freedom, detachment and no-strings-attached wanderlust.

The Moon in Pisces, always a patsy for a good sob story, gives itself to causes and the downtrodden. It is full of empathy (this last ability makes for good actors).

One can easily see that if Frankie is approached when his "water planets" are operational, he will not only provide a compassionate ear for hours at a time, but also any financial help.

If you would approach him while his "fire" planets are operational, he may briefly lend you his ear for five minutes,but if you press him at such a time, he may well explode. Then, when his Pisces takes over again, he may agonize and feel guilty, until "the fire" takes over again, making him angry with himself for having felt guilty.

And thus, on the basis of his chart, I cannot believe any murky stories about him, simply because the two sides of his nature, while emotionally turbulent and self-contradictory, are spontaneously open and honest. It is not the chart of a man who can manipulate, control other people or pull strings, simply because this person cannot even control his own inner mechanism. This man might be difficult to understand at first and hard to live with -- but once you know about those two drives, and can tolerate them, he is a wonderful and faithful friend, albeit always somewhat moody and temperamental.

Currently his chart presents him with some good career opoportunity (especially in September-October) while at the same time his emotional, private life is under duress. At the beginning of 1982 there will be many changes that climax around 1985.