A number of the readers of this column have been writing to ask a number of questions about astrology. Since many of them have been similar, I will from time to time attempt to answer them.

First of all, it is nice to know that "love springs in the heart eternal." I am continuously inundated with this query: My Sun sign is such and such, and his [or hers] is such and such -- are we compatible?"

Let me assure my readers that knowledge of one's Sun sign provides only very minimal data about the person, and least of all about his or her compatibility with anyone else. It is true that on the woman's chart it is indeed her Sun, (and also her Mars) that indicates the type of a man who will be drawn to her. But only the remaining planets with their configurations indicate what their attitudes will be, once they find what they seek: whether they would want to love, or to destroy, or just to use the partner.

One should also always remember that life is perverse and love does not walk hand in hand with compatibility. More often than not, we love those people with whom we are not compatible, and then attempt to make them compatible.

And so even if the Sun signs are mated in astrological heaven, his Venus and Moon and the rest of your charts may well create a hell that will rip your two Sun signs apart!

Another question raised frequently by my readers pertains to their date of birth. They state they either were born on the same day, month, but not the year, as the person I highlighted in my column, and they wonder whether the predictions for this particular public figure apply to them also.

The predictions in my column apply specifically only to the person I am writing about, since it is the place and the time of birth that makes charts distinctly different and thus individualized, by emphasizing or de-emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses, their abilities and drives.

If I speak, for example, about a period of stress for a particular individual, such a stress period may affect all persons with the identical date of birth, but into which department of life this stress will tell and how a person will cope with that stress will vary from individual to individual.

As to the people born on the same day of the month, but not in the same year, the predictions will apply only peripherally. If any come true, it is totally coincidental.

And finally I would like to answer all those people who wrote asking about the effects of two eclipses that fell in July, and about the passage of Uranus from Scorpio to Sagittarius (on Nov. 16).

Both phenomena (eclipses and Uranus) bring changes in one's life, but what kind of changes, and where they will manifest themselves, depend on the individual chart.

Generall speaking, however, all persons born on July 30 and 31 and July 17 of any year should be preparing themselves for changes in their careers, or in the careers of their spouses or business partners. This forecast of change remains in force through July 1982.

The changes are also in the offing for persons born between Feb. 18 and 26, May 18 and 28, Aug. 20 and 30, and Nov. 19 and 29. For this group, however, and especially for those born during the November period, changes will come suddenly and unexpectedly, totally altering present conditions, setting up new futures and forcing new directions. All persons born on the dates shown above should try to postpone major decisions, and if they have to make them, they should remember that those decisions are still subject to change, and the time for the change begins on Nov. 16.