The football season has again descended upon us with its extensive TV coverage of those hallowed Sunsay afternoons, and Monday nights (with a few Thursday nights thrown in for good measure), when millions of the faithful gather to vociferously exhort the heavens to make their home team victorious. To those fans, words like "Christmas" or "New Year" do not conjure images of dancing sugarplums or a new beginning. Instead, they bring forth visions of victorious playoffs and the glorious season-ending Super Bowl.

But for the Redskin fans, alas, after the first two games of the season, all that ardor, hope and faith went alimping to the sidelines with Joe Washington, John Riggins and others.

To find an answer for the Redskins, I cast the charts for Jack Kent Cooke (the chairman of the board, a Scorpio, born on Oct. 25, 1912); Joe Gibbs (the head coach, a Sagittarius, born Nov. 25, 1940); Joe Theismann (quarterback, a Virgo, born on Sept. 9, 1949); Tome Flick (quarterback, a Virgo born on Aug. 30, 1958); Joe Washington (running back, a Leo, born on aug. 4, 1949); and Mark Moseley (kicker, a Pisces, born on March 12, 1948). The current aspects on these charts presented a most tantalizing puzzle.

First, all of those charts were strongly interconnected, which was not surprising, since all of those men are part of the same team. What was surprising however, was that each chart showed one (or more) planets, not only in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) but in addition all of those planets were positioned between 0 to 7 degrees of those signs, which means all of those charts are going to be strongly and simultaneously affected by the Uranus transit (beginning Nov. 16).

A Uranus passage over natal planets brings about profound changes in one's life. Those changes are profound not because they are good or bad, but because they invariably force us to break with the past. Since Uranus will be passing between 0-7 degrees of Sagittarius, (starting from Nov. 16 and continuing through 1982,) it will strongly affect the lives of all of those men. This immediately posed a question about the permanency and stability of their current positions.

And so, for them, things may begin to pop, as early as the second week in October (this is based on other, corraborating aspects on their charts). The charged-up situation will tend to make all of those men more aggressive, high-strung and restless. Those effects gain in strength through November, December and January, energizing and revitalizing those charts. I wish I could say that those revitalizing aspects could generate some unifying, winning formula, but unfortunately, the Uranian force acts much more often disruptively than cohesively, and fosters combative attitudes. People under strong Uranian influence may often be unable to say exactly what they want, but they always know they do not want any more than they have.

And so, since the charts of Gibbs, Cooke and the others are identically and simultaneously afflicted by this passage of Uranus, suggesting the possibility of sudden firings, walkouts, or accidents, I decided to check the charts of all the players, as well as the charts of the members of the staff. And when I did, I came face to face with what I call "the spookiness" of astrology: all of the Redskins, including their "bosses," have identical aspects (planets from 0-7 in mutable signs), and such an occurence removes it completely from any statistical probability.

And thus, THE ENTIRE TEAM AND ITS OWNER with be affected simultaneously by this Uranus transit, and those aspects should begin to manifest themselves strongly in the middle of November.

It would be nice to believe that the Uranus aspects mean a glorious road to the Super Bowl (and it could be true since Uranus sometimes can completely reverse the luck, although Cooke's chart does not look very carefree and happy, as it would be if his team would win), but I do not think the Super Bowl is in the offing. In fact, Cooke's chart indicates a great deal of stress; there is a possibility of health problems and of financial readjustments.

And so, I cannot see the Redskins marching to the Super Bowl (those energizing aspects come too late in the season). I have to come to the following conclusion: The entire team will be affected by something that Cooke will do, either of his own volition or due to circumstances beyond his control. The other possibility I can envisage is that sometime next year the entire team might be sold or go on strike.

But since I am left with this eerie feeling, after having seen more than 50 charts with identical aspects, will some Redskin player please do me a favor and send me his exact hour of birth, so I can verify my assumptions? After all, Uranus means sudden changes, so maybe we can still get a lucky break!

Astrological postscript:

With the current unrest in Egypt and with Anwar Sadat cracking down on the dissidents, I would like to state from an astrological point of view that I support his actions. In all my columns on Anwar Sadat I have been forewarning him of the danger to himself and to his country. In my column of Aug. 9, 1981, I said: "President Sadat should be extremely careful about his safety, starting from the first days of October." His chart is in peril, which continues until mid-November, when it subsides somewhat. But until then his chart is in danger, and so is his country, and any strong, precautionary measures are correct and should be taken at this time.