If you like double entendres with your English muffins, you must be having a field day with a classified ad that's been inserted in The Post for the past month by Foxchase of Alexandria, a luxury apartment near Shirley Highway.

"ROOMMATES SHARE A LOT MORE THAN RENT AT FOXCHASE OF ALEXANDRIA," the ad begins, in type as big as most headlines.

Be honest, now: old or young, male or female, didn't youthink of one thing only when you read that? I sure did.

Well, we just don't understand modern marketing, friends. According to Bob Cagann, Foxchase's marketing consultant, being suggestive isn't the intention of the ad. Appealing to a neglected and promising segment of the apartment rental market is.

"We had been lagging on our two-bedroom rentals, and we felt we needed to attract the segment of the market between 20 and 34 that can afford these kinds of rents ($510 a month)," Cagann said.

"We don't think the ad is suggestive. It isn't meant to be suggestive. I can see where someone could get that impression, and if people want to think that, I can't stop them. It all depends on how you want to interpret it."

What about the bottom line? "The ad has had a significant impact in terms of rentals," Cagann said. Any complaints from morally outraged readers? "Nothing." Any one-of-each-sex unmarried couples submitting applications? "Sure. We'll rent to them. We'll rent to adult roommates of any size, shape, sex or whatever."

But surely you're not unaware that the wording of the ad suggests sex. "The whole idea is to get them to show up," Cagann said. "Once they see the apartment, anything but how nice the apartment is is the farthest thing from their minds."

Well, OK, Bob, if you insist. But the next thing you know, one of your Condo Canyon Competitors will advertise coed sauna baths -- and claim he's doing it solely so more people can realize that two can pour hot water on rocks as cheaply as one.