The following is an excerpt from the president's press conference at the White House yesterday afternoon:

Q: "Mr. President, the style of your administration is being called 'millionaires on parade.' Do you feel that you are being sensitive enough to the symbolism of Republican mink coats, limousines, thousand-dollar-a-plate china at the White House when ghetto kids are being told they can eat ketchup as a vegetable?"

The president: "Well, we changed that. Somebody got overambitious in the bureaucracy with their ketchup for a vegetable and we had to pull back on some regulations that were suggested. On the other, I don't think it's a 'millionaires' parade' and I haven't counted any of the mink coats that have been around, but, also, you mentioned the china. Let's set that straight once and for all because Nancy's taken a bit of a bum rap on that. There has been no new china for the White House since the Truman administration. Some partial augmentation under Lyndon Johnson, but not a full set of china. Now, breakage occurs even in the White House. I know that everyone's supposed to be walking around on feathers and that doesn't happen but it does. And the truth of the matter is at a state dinner, we can't set the tables with dishes that match. We have to have them mixed so don't look too closely at other tables in there. And this was the result of an anonymous contribution and the company making the china made it at cost. So there was nothing out of the taxpayers."