BAMBI, RUN . . . Panic among the Wilderness-Aware, again. A fearful piece of news has flashed around the Moyaone Reserve. (Darlings: You practically have to be Wildlife to buy your little five-acre-minimum plot there, it's so adorably Ecological. Fifteen hundred bosky acres in Piscataway Park, just a hop from D.C.; swamp all over the place, and the birds are deafening. You have to belong to the Audubon Society before you can even pronounce "Moyaone," of course.) Well. Early this year, Sen. Mark Hatfield sold 22 acres of his spread there, to a Professor. Two months ago, the Prof opted to sell. Handling the deal: Toni Hatfield, Mate of Mark. What has the entire Reserve howling, whooping, twittering and snarling is the name that's roaring round like a flash fire as a rumored buyer-to-be: James Watt. The Secretary of the Interior They Love to Hate. Ear, which believes that even Secretaries are part of Nature's Great Plan, is horrified. Watch that space. Preferably, through binoculars.

EBBING AND FLOWING WITH THE LIFE FORCE . . . Mail the nuptial wok, please, to Liz Drew, the belle of "Agronsky and Company," freshly wed to BBC biggie Bill Webster . . . But tug out the hankies for news of so many sad separations. A sigh for Sen. Gary Hart, the Colorado Democrat, splitting from 23-year mate Lee just as his Presidential Ambitions bloom . . . A sincere sniffle for Wyatt and Nancy Dickerson, mmortal as the Two Who Tossed the First Real Shindig for the Reagans in Washington. They're now Officially Separated. On the market: Their house, Merrywood. (A Slice of History, you know. Jackie Kennedy Onassis grew up there, and Gore Vidal almost did.) Not on the market: Wyatt or Nancy. The Separation is "trial," cries Wyatt. Kindly ignore rumors linking Nancy with Bill Moss and Wyatt with Anne Ford Uzielli or Tandy Dickinson. They've other fish to fry: Nancy as a consultant to Philip Morris, the 'baccy boys, and Wyatt plotting a drop-dead chic European-style Chinese restaurant, where you don't have to eat with sticks, called Chinoiserie. Smack in the heart of Georgetown, natch. You know Wyatt.

PASS THE BEANS . . . Tuck aside a few sous right now, darlings. The Grand Event this month is the huge USO Salute to Bob Hope on the 17th. Three presidents -- Reagan, Ford and Nixon -- will bowl out for this one. (Jimmy Carter was Invited too, of course, but is busy-busy in Georgia.) If you snap up a $25,000 table for 10, you also get to mingle with the marvy at a brunch tossed by the Alex Haigs and the Bob Hopes, scribble $24,000 off your income tax, have your name on a plaque and get a chance to snag "a distinguished member of the Cabinet, our Congress or other notable at your table." (No picking, darlings. It might be James Watt, or anybody.) One bit Ear likes is that you must give all your guests' Social Security numbers when you RSVP. This will definitely keep most Welfare Chiselers out. Sunday: All the Items that you expected to read Tuesday and Thursday.