David Kennerly, once White House photog extraordinaire, sequestered in Malibu toiling on a screenplay. (Isn't everybody ?) It's a hopped-up version of his book, "Shooter." Toiling alongside: Actor Tom "Dogs of War" Berenger . . . Vernon Jordan, Urban Leaguer: Planning a Livelier Life Style, maybe . . . Grumps galore among the White House Press Corps, more roped-off, herded and hassled than ever , still missing Jim Brady after shooting six months ago . . . Uncouth chortles at the Amazing Amtrak Calendar. ("Take Amtrak and see the country.") It's that pic of a dreamy belle riding the train sporting a ring with Two Very Rude Words plainly emblazoned on it . . . A flock of fresh faces on the Circuit: Prince Bandar, bachelor Saudi of stature. He's settled into terrific Tracy Place, in the manse left vacant by super-swift Dutch soccer-player Johan Cruyff . . . David and Midge Jacobs, haute Republican show-bizzy couple nestling into Georgetown for the Reagan Era . . . Mahri Miller, warbling rollicking English Music Hall songs at the Cafe Lafayette in Alexandria . . . Liz Drew, who won't get that nupital wok if you mailed it to her as Mrs. Bill Webster. Make that Mrs. David Webster, darlings. "Bill Webster" is the name of Ear's plumber. It just kind of plopped into the column accidently, like a plunger . . . Eileen Shanahan, long Washington's Major Media Person of the Tender Gender, crowned Senior Assistant Managing Editor at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette . . . The Tasty, bitchy, lingo in "Politics in America," the Incredibily Insy almanac for '82. ("If it weren't for the dirty words, I wouldn't know what he was saying," it has one fan chirping of California Democrat Phil Burton, after calling him a Delphic Oracle. And "[David] Durenberger after [Hubert] Humphrey is like chamber music after Tchaikovsky.") Politics can be poetry, you know.