Checklist for the older student returning to school:

* Take advantage of interest and personality tests in college centers when setting career and study goals.

* Decide whether your career goals necessitate a degree. If not, consider studying as a continuing education student (some colleges set limits on how many hours can be taken). Some colleges allow students to audit a classs for no credit.

* Request available surveys of gradates' job placement and salary levels before deciding on a study track. (One such survey reported "the picture is not entirely rosy.")

* Ask college adviser to assess your chances for admission into your chosen program before making any financial commitment.

* Ask college adviser for detailed information on program requirements and for assistance in planning a schedule.

* Reserve time in your schedule for preparation of admissions exams such as the GRE.

* Take any needed review, remedial or study-skill workshops before beginning a concentrated schedule of study.

Almost 200 representatives of universities, law and business schools from around the country will be on hand from 2-6 p.m. Oct. 20-21 for "Graduate and Professional School Days" at George Washington University, 3rd floor, Marvin Center.

Panels are scheduled for both days: Oct. 20, law school and law careers, and Oct. 21, business and other graduate programs.

For more information, call Andrea Stewart, 676-6217.