The sixth game of the world chess championship match was adjourned yesterday in a complicated, ambiguous position after some of the most active play so far in the series. Victor Korchnoi, playing black, sealed his 41st move with a slight material disadvantage but an active attack that had forced champion Anatoly Karpov into a passive, defensive position. Korchnoi had sacrificed a pawn on his 23rd move to seize the inititive and held it through an afternoon of sharp, tactical play that reflected his style much more than Karpov's.

In the adjourned position, it seems possible for Korchnoi either to recapture the pawn with 41 . . . Qxc5, to consolidate his queenside position with 41 . . . b4 or to continue the attack by moving his rook (perhaps to g6).

The game is scheduled to resume today.

The first 41 moves of the game follow:

White: Karpov; Black: Korchnoi. 1. e4, e5; 2. Nf3, Nc6; 3. Bb5, a6; 4. Ba4, Nf6; 5. 0-0 Nxe4; 6. d4, b5; 7. Bb3, d5; 8. dxe5, Be6; 9. c3, Bc5; 10. Nbd2, 0-0; 11. Bc2 Bf5; 12. Nb3, Bg6; 13. Nfd4, Bxd4; 14. cxd4, a5; 15. Be3, a4; 16. Nc1, a3; 17. b3, f6; 18. exf6, Qxf6; 19. Ne2, Nb4; 20. Bb1, Qe7; 21. Qe1, Rfe8; 22. Nf4, Bf7; 23. Qc1, c5; 24. dxc5, Qf6; 25. Bxe4 Rxe4; 26. Ne2, d4; 27. Ng3, Ree8; 28. Qd2, Nc6; 29. Bg5, Qe5; 30. Rac1, d3; 31. Rfd1, Bg6; 32. Be3, Re6; 33. Bf4, Qf6; 34. Re1, Rae8; 35. Rxe6, Rxe6; 36. Rb1, h5; 37. h3, h4; 38. Bg5, Qd4; 39. Be3, Qd5; 40. Nf1 Be4; 41. Bf4, Adjourned.

(Korchnoi, playing black, sealed his 41st move.)