Lew Lehrman, big supply-sider and Guru of the Gold Standard, is gearing up to run in the primary for governorship of New York, insiders whisper. (They also mutter that Jack Kemp's got a better chance. He's a Gold Bug too) . . . And Middleburg's Horsy pride, William Haggin Perry -- he owned Belmont Stakes winner Coastal, as well as Gamely and the late lamented Lamb Chop -- has popped the question to the fair Nicky Owen, a co-co-owner of the Fat Cat giftie boutique. (A four-carat-plus engagement, darlings, tho' big Bill's sixth marriage. Ear's sure Nicky's the home-stretch Winner) . . . Teddy K's rented a new roost in Boston, Ear hears -- not on chic Beacon Hill, but in the Back Bay. Teddy's precise whereabouts, natch, are Top Secret, for "security reasons." But please. Squash that Printed Rumor that he's off to Hawaii with Susan St. James on Monday. Certainly not. Tuesday, he hosts a $150-a-head fundraiser here, to finance sorting out the papers of the late Al Lowenstein . . . And Commerce Sec Mac Baldrige has just snagged the big $700 prize at a nearby rodeo. Now, he's taking a rare three days off to go home and round up his yearlings. Don't ask how many, please. "That's like asking a man how much Money a man makes," Big Mac told Ear sternly. Ear's Uncle Oscar always says that Money's like the weather. "Everybody does something, but nobody talks about it." He's been quite giddy ever since Ear explained the Gold Standard.