Lots of free-floating Wrath, after the great Washington Ballet Gala. Victor Shargai, decorator extraordinaire and Chair of the Ballet Benefactors, planned a Divine Luncheon next day, for 80 Benefactors and Shirley MacLaine. (She'd hosted the Gala.) OASer Alejandro Orfila (why not call him Alej?) and the Elegant Helga were to do up the lunch at their place. Heaven. Well. The first straw: The Orfilas couldn't come. (Alej, remember, had to whiz over to Spain to help pick up the king. These things happen, at the Pinnacle.) Bill Middendorf, our fun ambassador to the OAS who's almost as glittery, offered to jump into Alej's pointy shoes. The second straw: He buzzed to cancel out. "Well, at least Shirley's coming," the Benefactors muttered over lunch, staring gloomily around Chez Orfila at each other. Time passed. Still no Shirley. Bitter Benefactors, who'd forked over a thousand clams apiece, glared at their Chair. Some huffed off, and haven't spoken to Victor since. Those who didn't were richly rewarded. When Shirley finally bowled in, darlings, she was twice as Divine as usual, being slightly hoarse. She'd been stuck in Georgetown -- in Aldus Chapin's manse, filming an Interview. But each time she'd opened her mouth, a jet roared over and blasted out the sound. She'd done reruns for more than an hour. Ear gets queasy when folks are mad at Artistes like Vic and Shirley. Picket National Airport, please. They're used to it.