Bell Springs, a small California publishing company, offers a "1982 Rock and Roll Calendar" that covers rock from the early days through mid-1981, emphasis on the good parts. The black-and-white photographs featured each month are the work of Jim Marshall and Dave Patrick, who have a knack for capturing the timeless energy of rock moments (the Everly Brothers in their salad days, Santana at Woodstock). And some 800 carefully researched birthdays, deaths, recording and release dates, firsts and world records accompany the dates (as you read this, Grace Slick is celebrating her 42nd birthday). One can't help wishing it were a bit sturdier or that the photographs were color, but the calendar is still a steal at $7.95. Order from Bell Springs Publishing, P.O. Box 640, Laytonville, California 95454. LISTS FOR ROCKERS -- "The Book of Rock Lists," by Dave Marsh and Kevin Stein, contains everything you thought you already knew and then some. A monolithic compendium of rock trauma and trivia, it offers such categories as "The Johnny Ace Memorial Lists: Rock and Roll Deaths," and "Lip Readers (Rock Stars Who Have Complained of Hearing Loss)." Marsh admits this is an ideal vehicle for foisting his bias upon the public, and his lack of apology in doing so gives the book an upbeat personality. It can get overindulgent, as when he ranks himself as the seventh- best rock critic and his Springsteen bio as the fifth-best book on rock. But "Rock Lists" is, as a friend put it, "harmless good fun." Available at bookstores from Dell / Rolling Stone, $9.95.