Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoi played to a draw in the 10th game of their world championship chess match yesterday in Merano, Italy. Karpov, with the white pieces, played a safe, uneventful king's pawn opening, the Giuoco Piano, which frequently leads to draws in grandmaster play, and he offered the draw after four hours when it became clear that neither player had any significant winning opportunities. "This is without doubt the dullest game of the match," U.S. grandmaster Arnold Denker commented.

The game, originally scheduled to be played on Monday, had been postponed at the request of Korchnoi, who was reportedly suffering from extreme fatigue. The match score remains 4 to 1 in Karpov's favor, with six points needed to win.

The moves of game 10 are given below.

White: Karpov; Black: Korchnoi. 1. e4, e5; 2. Nf3, Nc6; 3. Bc4, Bc5; 4. c3, Nf6; 5. d3, a6; 6. 0-0, d6; 7. Re1, Ba7; 8. Bb3, 0-0; 9. Nbd2, Be6; 10. Nf1, Bxb3; 11. Qxb3, Qc8; 12. Ng3, Re8; 13. h3, Rb8; 14. Be3, Qe6; 15. Qxe6, fxe6; 16. Rac1, Bxe3; 17. Rxe3, Rbd8; 18. d4, Rd7; 19. Kf1, Kf8; 20. Rd1, h6; 21. dxe5, Nxe5; 22. Nxe5, dxe5; 23. Rxd7, Nxd7; 24. Ke2, Ke7; 25. Nf1, b5; 26. Nd2, c5; 27. Rg3, Rg8; 28. b3, Nb8; 29. a4, Nc6; 30. axb5, axb5; 31. h4, Kf7; 32. Rf3 ch, Drawn.