You'll never guess the December Cover Girl for Andy Warhol's haute boheme Interview mag, so Ear will just spill the beans: Nancy Reagan. (Earlier stars of the annual superspicy Person-of-the-Year edition: Mick Jagger, Bianca Jagger, Priscilla Presley and Diana Vreeland. Heaven. ) Doria Reagan, li'l Ron's spouse, is a Contributing Editor there now, you know, and Nancy toddled right into the White House library with Doria, editor Bob Colacello and Andy Himself to chat. (Of course, just being related isn't everything. Jerry Zipkin had tossed in a good word with Nancy to set up the scene.) It was all incredibly cozy and terrific. Nancy chatted freely of her old days at MGM. Her first day, a photog chirped that her eyes were too big, so she walked around squinting all day. She also bubbled about her godmother, Russian-born silent-screen star Alla Nazimova. (Ear happens to know Nazimova's motto: "It gives you a double chin to look down. I always look up.") The Interview crowd was awesomely cool, of course, having once chewed the fat with Jack Ford. When Nancy mentioned that a hospital burned down the day after she was born there, Bob chortled, "You were too hot to handle, eh?" Heaven knows how much of this will get into the mag. Watch that space.