If only Chico Marx were here to summarize the plot of "Code Red," a family-oriented ABC series produced by Irwin Allen and premiering tomorrow night at 7 on Channel 7:

"Well, first of all a little plane she fall outta the sky. And a little-a boy with a great big Hollywood haircut, Adam Rich, he run up to the plane and sees there's a lady trapped inside. Then they go to commercial. Then they come-a back. 'The plane's gonna blow!' the little bambino shouts. He pulls the woman outta the plane. The firemen they come and they wanna thank the little boy. But he run away.

"Then the little boy, he go home. But his mamma she's-a not there. So he run away again.

"He go to school. The principal is a mean man and so the boy sets his office on fire. But then the boy feel bad about that, so he grabs a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire. Then he run away again. The firemen, they chase him and chase him but they no can catch him.

"Then Lorne Greene, he walks into the show as the chief of the fire department. He says, 'Setting fires is like a cry for help.'

"So the chief's sons, they find the little boy. His mamma, she's-a still gone. The boy say, 'She's gotta come back, she's just gotta,' and one of the firemen say, 'Hey -- ya wanna talk about it?'

"Then the little boy, he run away again.

"Finally they catch-a the little boy. The arson investigators wanna talk to him. But, he getta scared. He steal a motorbike and he run away again. The chief and his sons, they get into the helicopter and chase him. They chase him and chase him and this time they catch him; the bike, she fall over in a ravine. The little boy is saved. Lorne Greene, he adopt the little boy. He no run away again.

"Then they go to commercial. Then Lorne Greene comes back. He has a safety tip from the Los Angeles City Fire Department. But I no hear it. I fast asleep.