Movie shipped over to be shown to Ronald Reagan at the White House this weekend, by his request: "Heartland." This, darlings, is the Rip Torn-Conchata Ferrell biggie based on a True Tale of a Wyoming Pioneer Woman. It totes a Heavy Feminist Message. (We don't get a peek 'til Nov. 20, when it hits the Dupont) . . . The Sino-Yiddish menu at Mr. L's Deli Dim Sum. (Upper Connecticut Avenue, of course. Anything goes.) . . . White House celebrants of the AWACS sale sporting chapeaux made of tin pie plates in the White House mess. (The Tin Milliner: One of Max Friedersdorf's staffers. We can all do our part, you know) . . . Two Cabinet Kiddies toiling for the International Communication Agency, soon to be gaily re-dubbed USIA: Barbara Haig, daughter of Guess Who, and Caspar Weinberger Jr., son of Guess Who Else. (But Young Cap's in the Big Ap office) . . . Tab Hunter, toiling away on a sequel to "Grease," but spotted on the Middleburg scene here, galloping along with the Hunt . . . Gregory Tu, Trader Vic's beloved maitre d', ankled over to Hugo's at the Hyatt . . . "Hotel New Hampshire" author John Irving, split from wife Shyla -- the moment his media hoopla died down, Ear notes disapprovingly. And after Shyla had snapped John's cover pic for Time mag, too. The cheery news is that they "may get back together." Back Wednesday.