Victor Korchnoi efficiently forced a draw by repetition of moves yesterday in game 12 of his world championship chess match with Anatoly Karpov in Merano, Italy. The match score remains 4 to 1 in favor of defending champion Karpov, with six points needed to win the match. Playing his third draw in a row, Korchnoi seems to be coming back from the disastrous form earlier in the match which gave Karpov his lopsided advantage.

At the same time, Karpov won the first battle in the psychological war, which has been started much later in this match than in the one three years ago in the Philippines. Korchnoi, who apparently spoke harshly to the champion after move 8 of the game on Monday, was warned that he faces an $8,300 fine if he talks again during play. A three-man jury upheld a protest by Karpov that Korchnoi distracted him by speaking "loudly . . . with insulting words," for 30 seconds.

The complete moves of Game 12 are given below. The adjourned session, played yesterday, begins with black's 41st move.

Karpov: White; Korchnoi: Black: 1. c4, Nf6; 2. Nc3, d5; 3. cxd5, Nxd5; 4. Nf3, Nxc3; 5. bxc3, g6; 6. d4, c5; 7. e3, Bg7; 8. Bb5 ch, Nd7; 9. 0-0, 0-0; 10. a4, a6; 11. Bd3, b6; 12. Rb1, Bb7; 13. e4, Qc7; 14. Re1, e6; 15. e5, h6; 16. h4, Rfd8; 17. Bf4, Nf8; 18. Be3, Rab8; 19. Qe2, Bc6; 20. Bxa6, cxd4; 21. cxd4, Bxa4; 22. Nd2, Qc6; 23. Rec1, Qa8; 24. Bd3, Bc6; 25. f3, b5; 26. Nb3, Rbc8; 27. Nc5, Nd7; 28. Ne4, Bxe4; 29. Rxc8, Qxc8; 30. Bxe4, Qc4; 31. Bd3, Qc3; 32. Bxb5, Nb6; 33. Qd3, Nd5; 34. Bf2, h5; 35. Qxc3, Nxc3; 36. Rb3, Nd1; 37. Rd3, Nxf2; 38. Kxf2, Rb8; 39. Bc4, Rb2 ch; 40. Kg3, Rb4; 41. Rc3, Rb8 (sealed move); 42. f4, Rc8; 43. Kf2, Bf8; 44. Ke3, Bb4; 45. Rc1, Ba3; 46. Rc2, Bb4; 47. Rc1, draw.