Shooting is finally finished on "The King of Comedy," the Martin Scorcese film about a nightclub comedian (Jerry Lewis) and a kidnaper who says, "Make me funny, or else" (Robert DeNiro). The film has an unusual lineup of cameo appearances, including Liza Minnelli, Tony Randall, Victor Borge and the British rock band The Clash. "The King of Comedy" may still be Mel Brooks, but his "History of the World, Part I" didn't live up to Brooks' usual commercial standards and insiders say that lots of 20th Century-Fox executives -- definitely including the studio's new owner, Marvin Davis -- weren't very pleased with the movie's low-brow comedy. Brooks is set to tackle Robin Hood next; that film will be directed by an as yet unnamed Englishman and will feature Marty Feldman and Spike Milligan. It'll be a co-production of Brooksfilms and Columbia, and afterwards Brooks will take another shot at pleasing Fox staffers with "To Be or Not to Be." Brooks is also considering adding a passel of sound effects to his "Silent Movie," since the same television networks that eagerly snapped up the likes of "Young Frankenstein" and, just this week, "Blazing Saddles," are reluctant to air two hours of silence.