Ear's sure you know that "Mommie Dearest" is the Cult Movie in the Big Apple. (Didn't we all have fun hurling rice and sporting black fishnet stockings at the "Rocky Horror Show" last year? But for this one, we're all supposed to swarm in every night waving wire coat hangers and cans of Ajax. Then we bellow along with Joan Crawford's dialogue: "No more wire coat hangers! Ever!") Well. Ear's just had a chat with the model for Joan's pal in the movie, "Greg Savitt." In Real Life, darlings, he's L.A. lawyer Greg Bautzer. Mr. B. helped with the kiddies' adoptions, of course. He told Ear he certainly didn't spot any Child Abuse during his stint as Joan's second-string date. (Her first: Clark Gable.) Says he, "If anyone was abused it was me. I guess I was big enough to take it. I don't know if she struck the children . . . She did have a temper . . . Occasionally she would give me a small shove . . . She never drew blood." Even though he had to Mind his Manners, he says, "I was devoted to her. I carried the knitting bag." Knitting bag. Oh, Lord. More to schlep to the movies. Ear is quite weary already.