Silence and glares on Cap Hill, in the wake of a House Resolution that would forbid junkets -- "fact-finding and diplomatic missions" by congressmen -- unless three-fourths of the House members give the great Okay ($7.5 mill was spent a-junketing in '79 and '80, you know). Glares go to Rep. Ron Mottl (D-Ohio), who introduced it . . . Squeals of wonder: Who owns the silver Rolls-Royce, forlorn, flat-tired and unclaimed in the cop impoundment lot next to the American Heritage Institute . . . Whoops of delight from watching newsies: As Ave Harriman shuffled with dignity into the stuffier-than-thou Metropolitan Club for lunch last week, a gent was merrily stripping on the roof while chums snapped pics of the Moon at Noon . . . Cries and whispers in California, as Linda Ronstadt braces to fling a $1,000-a-plate Jerry-Brown-for-the-Senate beanfeast at her house in Malibu. It's next Sunday. The Invites are on brown stationery, in brown ink. Heh-heh. California puns . . . Moans of envy from the scriveners: Joseph C. Goulden's huge upcoming tome "Korea: The Untold Story of the War." The Times Books has flogged Book Club rights as First Alternative for $45,000. First Alts usually fly for a mere $7,000 . . . Howls and squeaks among the Sierra Club set, as strangers stalk into their midst sporting "Another Friend of Jim Watt" buttons. (These are passed among pals by Sen. Steve Symms) . . . Everyone is behaving beautifully. Keep in touch.