Game 15 of the world chess championship was adjourned yesterday in a position where champion Anatoly Karpov was clearly playing for a draw and challenger Victor Korchnoi would apparently have to concede it. If the game does end in a draw (as it probably will without resumption of play), the score will remain 5 to 2 in Karpov's favor, with six points needed to win.

Korchnoi, evidently settled down after his crushing defeat in game 14, played a cool, vigorous game from the English opening (his favorite with white pieces), which Karpov's defense allowed to be played for the first time in the match. Although it was an aggressive game, it seemed free of the excessive ambition that has led to Korchnoi's downfall in some previous games. The challenger clearly outplayed the champion in moves 15 through 25, which netted him a passed pawn on the queen's file, but the game was traded down to an endgame with bishops of opposite color, in which Korchnoi's extra pawn would probably be useless. In the pattern of his last few moves, Karpov seemed to be trying for a draw through repetition of position or perpetual check, and although Korchnoi might hold off these developments, there was no clear way for him to go on to victory.

The moves of game 15 are given below.

White: Korchnoi; Black: Karpov. 1. c4, Nf6; 2. Nc3, e5; 3. Nf3, Nc6; 4. g3, Bb4; 5. Nd5, Bc5; 6. Bg2, d6; 7. 0-0, 0-0; 8. e3, Bg4; 9. h3, Bxf3; 10. Bxf3, Nxd5; 11. cxd5, Ne7; 12. b3, Qd7; 13. Bg2, c6; 14. dxc6, Nxc6; 15. Bb2, d5; 16. Bxe5, Nxe5; 17. d4, Bd6; 18. dxe5, Bxe5; 19. Rc1, d4; 20. Rc5, Bf6; 21. Rd5, Qc7; 22. exd4, Rad8; 23. Qc1, Qb6; 24. Rxd8, Rxd8; 25. d5, g6; 26. Bf3, Kg7; 27. Re1, Rd7; 28. Qf4, Re7; 29. Rxe7, Bxe7; 30. Kg2, a5; 31. h4, h5; 32. Be2, Bc5; 33. Bc4, Qf6; 34. Qd2, b6; 35. a4, Qe5; 36. Qd3, Qf6; 37. Qd2, Qe5; 38. Be2, Qe4ch; 39. Bf3, Qe5; 40. Bd1, Qe4 ch; 41. Adjourned.