In the past two weeks, the game of "musical chairs" that the Polish government has been engaged in for the past two years has picked up tempo. Attuned to the strange melodies that mix the Soviet "Internationale," the national Polish anthem, and liturgical chants, the premier, Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, solidarity leader Lech Walesa, and the Catholic primate, Archibishop Jozef Glemp, held a domestic summit meeting. The leaders of the independent solidarity trade unions proposed that detailed negotiations with the government begin, while two senior officials of the Polish ministry of finance came to Washington for talks on the readmission of Poland to the International Monetary Fund.

Since Romania is currently the only Soviet bloc country that belongs to the IMF, there is considerable speculation as to whether Russia will permit Poland to become a member of such a capitalistic institution as IMF. I am sure that Russia will leap at the opportunity. Because Poland's membership in the IMF will allow them to keep Poland in the Eastern bloc by a military threat, while permitting the West to pick up the tab for Poland's economic recovery.

In this Polish game of musical chairs many people lost their seats, including the premiers Gierek and Kania. In my column of Sept. 14, 1980, I said: "The strength of Kania's chart may permit him to weather the storm (November 1980 thru January 1981) only to be faced with more unrest from May thru October 1981. If he remains in power..." He did not.

In my column of March 29, 1981 I said: "Lech Walesa's planets affect the roots of Kania's existence, supporting him with some aspects, and destroying him with others. One could say that Walesa could be to Kania either an angel of mercy or an angel of death... Gen. Jaruzelski's chart is currently most vulnerable to sudden changes..."

Since Kania fell from power, and Jaruzelski suddenly became the premier, it might be worthwhile to take another look at his and Walesa's charts.

Lech Walesa was born on Oct. 29, 1943, and has his Sun in Scorpio. Premier Jaruzelski was born on July 6, 1923, and has his sun in Cancer. The charts indicate that both men have extremely strong karmic ties that will directly affect each other's destiny. At first glance it appears as if Jaruzelski's chart is stronger than Walesa's, and holds an upper hand, but a closer scrutiny reveals that Jaruzelski's "staying power" almost totally depends on Walesa's fate. Jaruzelski might be a "head" that rules, but it evolves totally in accordance with the "neck" -- Walesa.

At the present time, Walesa's chart is very active, indicating a great deal of stress as well as climactic resolutions. This mixture of good opportunity and strife tips to the side of opportunity. I believe the crisis will be somewhat resolved.

The strife is created by Saturn, which rules hard work, discripline, self-negation and submission to harsh realities and to duty. Walesa might, therefore, be facing a hard time in trying to end strikes, even if in diminished numbers.

The chart of Premier Jaruzelski is more and less afflicted but indicates some danger. This danger comes from a deception lurking at the roots, and thus it will come either from his party, or from the population at large.

In addition, he has strong aspects that may "rock his boat." Those aspects will occur shortly. In fact, one aspect that occurs already this weekend may test the karmic link between him and Walesa. At stake might be either their personal relationship, or solidarity-government relationship, or a Walesa-solidarity confrontation that will directly affect the premier.

A few weeks later, Premier Jaruzelski receives another jolt from Uranus, that lasts from the middle of December '81 through the middle of January 1982. This aspect is repeated during the last two weeks in May, and returns for the last time in October 1982 (from the 5th through 30th). During those times there will be either a consolidation of power, or a fall from the throne. Uranus does not permit any shadings. The oncoming December passage of Uranus will show which direction "the wind will blow."

Astrological postcript.

In my column of Feb. 15, 1981, I said of David Stockman: "... there appears to be a tendency for overreaching and planning so far down the road that the middle part of the road might be glossed over. His Mars -- Moon opposition sometimes makes him too quick with his tongue, and not very tactful, a problem he could avoid if he would just stop and think a bit. In fact there are two things on his chart that spell trouble for him unless he is willing to examine his 'tripping' points.

"... His chart is totally devoid of planets in earth signs. People whose charts are totally void of earth elements may talk a lot about pracicality -- in fact they always do, as if to compensate for its lack -- but sooner or later they do something that stuns people around them with its impracticality."

David Stockman should have read my column before he gave the interview to Atlantic Monthly.

"The glow of his good luck, however, evaporates before autumn, and it could be even sooner thanthat..."

He should be preparing for changes in his life that begin with Uranus' entry into Sagittarius this weekend, with the crucial time on his chart occurring in December.