What kind of luncher are you? Here's The Test, devised by lunch-ologist Louise Bernikow:

1. Do you make lunch dates:

a. A month in advance

b. On the spur of the moment

c. Only when you're depressed

2. Are your lunch dates arranged by:

a. You

b. Your secretary

c. Your mother

3. Would you do business with someone who ordered:

a. Chopped liver

b. Chicken hash

c. Sacher torte

4. Do you turn down invitations by:

a. Saying you're booked for a month

b. Saying "I'll get back to you"

c. Hanging up the phone

5. Do you bring up business when:

a. Your lunch partner's mouth is full

b. Your date is in the restroom

c. The swallows return to Capistrano

6. Is your favorite luncheon beverage:

a. A pitcher of martinis

b. Perrier with lime

c. Grape Kool-aid

7. Is your lunch expense account met by:

a. Applause

b. Giggles

c. Walking papers

8. Was the most exciting thing that ever happened to you at lunch:

a. Romantic

b. Professional

c. None of the above

9. Do you leave lunch feeling:

a. Satisfied

b. Starved

c. Confused

10. Do you prefer to eat in:

a. Elegant restaurants

b. Corner delis and pizzarias

c. Dives


If most of your answers are:

a. You need lessons in lunching

b. Try dinner

c. You are on your way to becoming a legend in your own lunchtime.