Things move fast, darlings, so Ear will make this snappy: What's In? What's Out? Dig out your Daytimer notebooks, please -- deeply In this administration -- and let's fly: DC's In Neighborhood Eaterie: Quigley's. (David Stockman swoops in with his on-again belle, the fair Jennifer Blei. Interiormeister Jim Watt toddles in to talk turkey with cohorts. Paul Volcker, Pharaoh of the Fed, tossed the Rehearsal Dinner there when his daughter wed last month. Need Ear say more?) In jewelry: Fake. Insies with the Good Stuff -- like Harriet Deutsch, Betsy Bloomingdale and Betsy Kaiser -- keep it cooped up in a vault. The In tote: A silver Concorde bag. (Rex Harrison lugs his everywhere.) In nickname for the President: "R-squared." In game for celebs: Going on the soapies. (Surely you were glued to "As the World Turns" when Celeste Holme, Dina Merrill and Henny Youngman spun along? "General Hospital" for La Liz?) Brace, next, for talk-show host Larry King on "Edge of Night," Arlene Dahl on "One Life to Live" and, maybe, Carol Burnett on "All My Children." In entertaining hours, cries "W," the bible of the Beautiful Ones: From 8 p.m. to midnight. The In hostess sends a car to fetch her guests, mixes her china patterns (don't tell Nancy,) serves coffee at table, and Lets Guests Know What She's Wearing, Beforehand. (C.Z. Guest has her secretary call her guests' secretaries to say she's sporting a long dress, "as a courtesy.") Out hostess gifts are ones "the hostess might have trouble accommodating," maybe like a harp. Out conversation, says "W": "Gossipy." In, Ear hears: Singing at dinner. Irene Dunne sang "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and Jimmy Stewart sang "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" at the California dinner at Chasen's for King Hussein.