It was Celebrity Fever time in Florida for the Space Shuttle launch, of course. For the first go-round, Robert Redford lodged with Al Neuharth, honcho of the Gannett paper chain. Natch, Neuharth sent the Gannett limo to the airport to pick up the star. Ear's charmed to hear that the car stopped off at a burger joint halfway back. It was then, darlings, that Robert asked to switch seats with the driver. Bob, the Gannett chauffeur, snuggled in back and enjoyed the view. Redford drove for half an hour. "What are you doing here?" cried Randy Chorney, Neuharth's secretary, when the limo purred up to its destination. "Oh," said the Driver Divine, "I just wanted to see what it was like driving one of these things. I've never had a chance before" . . . And more of the same, right here: Supreme Court Justice Sandra O'Connor got the Great Move into her nifty new condo under way last weekend. Neighbors goggled as she and hubby rolled up in their Ryder rent-a-truck, clad in matching tan pants, and began personally lugging in their oddments. Do-it-yourself is In, darlings. Ear's going to sit right here and write its own gossip. More Friday.