Drag your Galanos out of mothballs, darlings. Here comes the Inaugural Ball, again. Ear's caught wind of at least three, being flung to celebrate the anniversaire. Hotsy-totsiest, to be flung by the Republican National Committee Jan. 20, maybe at the Pension Building. Among Diviners fixin' to fox-trot: The Prez Himself, and the Eagles. (Ahem. Big-spending Republican birds, darlings. Not the Rock Group. The Osmonds may warble, though, in their adorably clean-cut way.) Ear has this one figured at a thousand clams a plate, because Bob Gray, co-big banana at the Real Thing, will Chair. Well. Keep your frock clean there, please, for the next nouveau Inaugural Ball, Jan. 30. A totally different bevy of Ballers will toss this, shyly calling themselves "The Committee to Commemorate the Inauguration of the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan." (Ear says "TCCI4PUSRWR" for short. See how you like it.) They're inviting 1,200 nostalgic souls to a Glenn Millerish hoopla at the Washington Hilton. Nancy is invited to be Honorary Chair. (Sounds tough, darlings, but actually you don't even have to sit down to be an H.C.) White Housers Meese, Baker and Deaver are invited to be the Grand Marshals -- Ear thinks Grand Marshals wave some sort of rod -- and Fred Beibel may be an Exec Director. (Heaven knows what he'll do, but it's hot. Fred's the RNCer who pushed teeny scissors-shaped lapel pins for Stockman Budget-lovers, 'til some sordid soul snapped that they're sported by gents who've had vasectomies.) Meanwhile, a third, totally different group is quietly plotting its Ball, for hoi polloi of the Reagan Campaign Trail. This will cost a tiny 20 clams a toss. Ear's feet, actually, still twinge a bit from the last go-round. Let's see how things shape up.