Ear hasn't slept a wink since catching wind of Jane Wilner's new sheet-shop in G'town. (For heaven's sake don't waltz down there thinking you can just shimmy in and shop, please. It's such a Class Act that it's By Invitation Only at first.) Jane, you see, is She Who Dresses the Biggies' Beds. She did Ethel Kennedy in multi-colored Porthault floral bouquet; White Houser Jim Baker in severely-tailored, macho beige-and-green; Deeda Blair in French country check; and Jack Valenti, for some reason, in green-and-white striations. As though that weren't enough, co-owners of her chic new sheeterie are Susan Brinkley, wed to David; Buffy Cafritz, wed to Bill; Mary Ballou Ballentine, wed to Michael; and Ronnie Gladstone, who's wed to Peter. (She was once wed to Walter Annenberg, mate of Lee; and then to Ben Ourisman, Father of Flo. We don't babble this, of course, over the bedspreads.) The whole op is so high-toned that Pratesi linens has agreed to hop aboard and use Jane's as its Washington outlet. Pratesi, darlings, are the ones who naughtily advertise that most Royals in Europe were conceived on their sheets. Besides that, Evangeline Bruce always poops out betwixt her Pratesis. Ear had no idea that when it started this Item that it would drop so many names, among so many sheets. Dame Gossip takes us to the strangest places. Read on.