Ed Nixon, bro of Richard, perched at the swingly Mad Hatter, swarmed by a bevy of fans . . . The Help tackling guests at Vicki Bagley's Women's Campaign Fund-Raiser last week: "Oh, you're a Special Guest! Are you Important? Do you know anyone in Immigration?" . . . Last week's Excuse: "I can't come. I've got the president's cold." This week's: "Sorry, I twisted my ankle on the turkey hunt" . . . Recovering White House pressie Jim "The Bear" Brady and White Houser Bob Dahlgren, with mates, whooping it up gently at Gary's last week. (Jim goes home from the hospital today, and Ear cheers) . . . The Precious Substance -- $550 a kilo -- toted so fearfully through the darkness from Dulles by Giuliano Bottini the other night. It was 7 kilos of fresh white truffles -- wine-washed, rice-packed and fresh-flown from Alba. (Italy's truffle season's short, darlings; sincere truffle-snufflers and the Delightfully Rich, like Middleburg's princely Saud Al Sowayel, hit Giuliano's Tartufo eaterie semi-nightly while they last) . . . Roar at the Lion D'Or: The maitre d', spotting a spiffy young Navy officer in tieless uniform, proferred the Lion's standard jacket-and-tie. Our hero strode out indignantly, trailed by his folks. Ear never wears its uniform to the Lion . . . Barbara Crosby, Gary's ex, moving onto the New York-Washington axis from Hollywood, surveying the scene from the Four Seasons . . . Wedding of the weekend: Phil Wood, sporty chat-man on WTOP, to Diane Oklota; she busily Getting An Education at Mount Vernon College . . . And Jack Fleischer wed Palm Beach wonder-widow Ruth Doppelt, while we weren't watching. (Jack doesn't need an Education, darlings. He was hotshot on the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in the JFK Era, and Redskins flack in the George Allen Era, so already knows everything) . . . Bobby Short, munching lunch at Portner's, the Old Town firehouse newly niftified by Marilyn Lewis, the Hamburger Hamlet houri . . . Former Washington Monthly editor Joe Nocera, haring back from Paris to hop aboard Texas Monthly . . . Gregg Easterbrook, Washington Monthly editor, flitting for the frightfully in-the-news Atlantic Monthly. Ear is out of breath, now. Try again Wednesday.