You'd think blues guitarist George Thorogood would be running on empty by now. He's in the middle of his "50-50" tour (50 states in 50 days) and late last night he played to a full house at the Warner Theatre hours after performing at a club outside of Baltimore. But if this strum-and-run schedule is taking its toll, there were no signs of it last night.

"Let the good times roll!" Thorogood shouted, and roll they did. He wasn't halfway through his first song before he jumped off the stage. Duckwalking through the crowd, he let loose with a fusillade of Chuck Berry riffs on his hollow-body Gibson guitar. Then it was back to the stage for feverish tributes to Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash and even Budweiser beer.

Thorogood has always been content to sing old rock and R&B classics, but his versions pack a wallop few others do. That's especially true now that he's added a big-toned saxophonist to the mix. If anything, the band sounds sharper and more enthusiastic than ever. When Thorogood said he was going to "party till 5 a.m.," he looked ready for it. So did the crowd.