Murray Gart, ex-editor of the Washington Star, snuggling in here as a senior editor for Time Inc., focusing on the Mideast . . . Lyn Nofziger, exiting White House whiz, braced to don beard and boots to step in for Santa. Fans can catch the vision at the big Press Club fundfest for Children's Hospital, Dec. 9 . . . Hotly bruited about to succeed National Securityman Dick Allen, if bumped: Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft. He, recall, advised Jerry Ford, Securitywise. Another Hot Prospect, floated by the pricey little National Journal: Deputy State Sec. Bill Clark . . . Correct your rosters, please: Francis Kellogg, boosted by blue bloods for the Protocolian Post which Lee Annenberg will skip soon, is not a corn Kellogg at all. He's a coin Kellogg, who once handled U.N. cash collections for kiddies, was a U.N. Protocolian and so much more around the Big Ap. Kindly enunciate . . . Open mouths at the Senate, Nov. 22: The sole touching tribute to JFK, assassinated on that day 18 years ago, came from Rather Rightish Sen. Jeremiah Denton . . . And Rita Jenrette's busy-busy on the made-for-TV movie based on Her Story. She's even polished off an episode of "Fantasy Island." Watch that space.