Vincent Price, who did big business at Ford's Theatre in 1977 with "Diversions and Delights," his one-man show about Oscar Wilde, will return to the historic playhouse for a repeat engagement. The drama by John Gay, which depicts Wilde at the end of his sorry life, lecturing in a flea-bitten theater to pick up a few pennies, will run the last three weeks in January. Although Broadway never took to "D & D," Price has performed it regularly over the past few years -- in locales as far-flung as Hong Kong and as nearby as Frederick, Md.

Ford's producer, Frankie Hewitt, is also negotiating for the rights to the Chicago-born musical "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Shine Up?" for a spring production here. Based on the cult novel by John Powers, the show follows a handful of youths as they wend their way through a typical Catholic education, from kindergarten to high school. The Windy City, apparently, can't get enough. The musical has been running there for 2 1/2 years. A second production has been playing for 35 weeks in -- of all places -- Birmingham, Mich., and a third company is set to open next month at the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia.