A simple black cardigan jacket can be transformed totally with the addition of trims: simple gold braiding at the sleeve, bold passementerie down the front, bounteous bangles and beads. Other garments can serve as canvases for decoration and renewal. Consider the effect, even, of adding new gold buttons to a man's old navy-blue blazer.

Among stores carrying a range of decorative trims:

Embroideries and . . .

Button Shop -- 725 11th St. NW. Extensive notions department. Good range of basic items, including beaded appliques in the shape of flowers, frogs, fruit, etc., $1.95-$3.95; sequin and bead appliques, $4.95; beaded trim, $5 to $18 a yard; gold braid, plain or striped, 20 cents to $1 a yard; fancy gold braid, $1.10 to $3.50 a yard; frog closures, $1.50 and $2.50.

Couture Fabrics -- 105 S. Lee St., Alexandria. Metallic braiding from France, $5.98 to $15.98; beaded leaf appliques, $4.98; metallic frog closures, $3.98 to $5.98.

Fabrics Unlimited -- 5015 Columbia Pike, Arlington. Antique trims imported from Mexico, $15 a yard; beaded trim, $5 to $15 a yard; gold braid, $1.50 to $3.50; soft antique gold and copper trim, $1.30 to $1.99 per yard.

G Street Remnant Shop -- 805 G St. NW. Imported buttons, mostly from Sweden, $1.50 to $6 each; passementerie trim, $1.75 to $6 a yard; passementerie applique, $2 to $5 each; antique metallic trims from Italy, France and India, $6 to $16 a yard; French ribbons, $1.25 to $2 a yard.

House of Fine Fabrics -- Frog closures, $1.15-$1.40; narrow sequin trim, $3.75 per yard; ribbons, 35 cents to $10 per yard; lace with metallic edge, $1.20 and $2.79 a yard. Also large lace collars, $8.25.

Pierre Deux -- Mazza Gallerie. Cotton print borders in several widths, $3.75 to $4.50 a yard.

Lace Collars

Great Gatsby -- 218 N. Lee St., Alexandria. Old handmade lace collars and jabots, $25-$78.

Nettie Graulich -- 5533 Sherrier Pl. NW. By mail or phone order (686-9469). Handmade silk lace collars from Thailand, $45 to $100, plus handmade lace by the yard.

Ruffles & Flourishes -- 2776 S. Randolph St., Arlington. Swiss hand-loomed embroidered collars, hand-painted and Swiss eyelet collars in children's and adult sizes, $8 to $14; Swiss organdie Bertha collar, $30; made-to-order collars, including handkerchief linen sailor collars, imported batiste with ribbons and lace, smocked, handmade lace and tucked batiste collar, $35 to $80; kits to make collars, $10 to $20.

Also, domestic and French ribbons, 40 to 55 cents. Entredeux (hemstitching by the yard), $2 a yard.


Textile Museum -- 2320 S St. NW. Cloissone buttons, $3 and $3.25; Indian scarves, $7 to $12.

--Nina Hyde and Kathleen Sterritt