Hankies, please. Wave farewell to Paul Costello, once Deputy Pressie for Rosalynn Carter. (He's been nestled in here with dear Jody Powell, helping him Write His Book. Imagine! And we thought Jody had already told us everything.) Paul's off to Ohio. There, he'll hustle for Dick Celeste, once Carter's Peace Corpsmeister. Dick is dying to be Governor, and is aiming to make his splash in the Democratic Primary. As are so many others. Try these on, for starters: Jerry Springer, the Cincinnati city councilman who once carelessly paid a shady lady with a check; and Billy Joe Brown, the attorney general. (He's got consultant Bob Squier hustling for him.) Other Hot Possibles include Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank Celebrezze, who has to drop from his Supreme Spot before he can Announce -- and, hold your hats -- Marvin Warner. We all worshiped Marvin as Susan Goldwater's third hubby, of course. (Barry Goldwater Jr. was Number Two.) But he was also the Carteriste ambassador to Switzerland. (Marvin's rumored ready to blow 3 million clams on his campaign, which should keep things lively.) Meanwhile, just so you know, Susan just quit dating David Kennerly, who was once Jerry Ford's White House photog. Ear's proud to bring you such a mess of Bipartisan Nostalgia, in this Season of Peace. Read on.