Teddy K, hunkering humbly aboard the $59 People Express cheap-o flight to West Palm Beach to visit Mom. The Money Squeeze is On, you know . . . Brahms' Lullaby, softly serenading dancers at the end of White House evenings, to tactfully declare them Over. Ear always turns up the bagpipes. Everybody gets the idea. Variety is what makes us Great, you know . . . Virl and Tom Osmond, the two oldest Osmond brothers -- deaf but dynamite -- lined up to Entertain Nancy's hearing-impaired and mentally handicapped guests (all due to buzz in for a White House tour on the 15th) . . . Liz Carpenter, once Lady Bird Johnson's pressie, bounding back aboard the fine-feathered Hill & Knowlton flackerie, in Austin. (Liz, recall, was a Hill & Knowlton Veep in the longago. Who wasn't?) . . . And the Fun Folks still fly their racehorses in from France, though the price has skyrocketed from about $15,000 to about $20,000. What the horse gets in the sky, according to merry Baron Thierry de Zuylen, who brought his steed across the other day: "They take the last 10 rows of seats in the tourist section. He gets to see the movie. But I don't think he gets the caviar." Oh, well. Ear's racehorse is sick of caviar anyway. Wednesday: Wet and windy.