While aging may be more joyous for today's generation, don't count on an easy retirement.

That's the message of a new film on retirement and aging called "Images of Aging," featuring four authorities on the subject. Some highlights:

"The graying of America," declares Dr. Robert Butler, director of the National Institute of Aging, "is going to mean enormous changes in every part of society . . . For one thing, we must learn to do away with the rigid, compartmentalized view of life which makes us see education, work and retirement as three separate and successive stages."

Other speakers:

Stanford Ross, former Commissioner of Social Security in the Carter administration -- "Other countries are far ahead of us in thinking about these problems. Germany and Sweden are developing programs that help people work as long as they want to or can."

Harold Sheppard, associate director of the National Council of Aging -- "Major rethinking" is needed to encourage the retired to enter a new career or return to school for additional skills that will not only benefit them emotionally and financially, but also add to the productive economy.

Matilda White Riley, author, lecturer and associate director of the National Institute of Aging -- "Retirement may be a double whammy for a woman."

"Images Of Aging" is a 19-minute, 16mm color and sound film available on a free loan basis from Jennifer Stockdale, American Council of Life Insurance, 1850 K St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20006 (202) 862-4062.