Is blue-collar work right for you? Try this quiz, adapted from Larry J. Ricci's book, High-Paying Blue-Collar Jobs for Women. ( 1981 by Larry J. Ricci)

1. Are you generally healthy?

A. Above average

B. Average

C. Below average

D. Poor

2. Are you willing to take a physical exam to get a job?

A. Yes

D. No

3. Do you have your own transportation?

A. Yes

C. No

4. Would you mind being laid off during a down-turn in the economy?

A. Yes

C. No

5. What is your reaction to a woman who takes a blue-collar job?

A. Very positive

B. Somewhat positive

C. Somewhat negative

D. Very negative

6. If you took a blue-collar job, would you expect resentment from the men on the job?

A. Definitely yes

B. Probably yes

C. Probably not

D. Definitely not

7. If they did harass you, how much do you think it would bother you?

A. Not at all

B. Somewhat

D. A lot

8. What do you think your friend's and family's reaction would be?

A. For it

B. Middle-of-the-road

C. Against it

9. Would you object to shift work -- for example 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. one week, 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. another?

A. No

D. Yes

10. Do you prefer working with a majority of:

B. Men

C. Women

A. Doesn't matter

11. Do you mind working at heights?

A. I'm a bird

C. Hate great heights

D. Hate all heights

12. Do you mind working outside in very hot or very cold weather?

A. No

C. Yes

13. How much heavy work (lifting, carrying, shoveling) do you think you could handle?

A. Quite a bit

B. A moderate amount

D. None

14. Would you mind getting all the crummy jobs until you build up seniority?

A. I could take it for a long time, if there's light at the end of the tunnel.

B. I could take it for a while

D. Yes

15. Are you:

A. Very determined

B. Moderately determined

C. Not too determined

16. Do you enjoy a good challenge?

A. Yes, almost always

B. Most of the time

D. Rarely

17. How confident are you of your abilities?

A. I'm the greatest

B. I can do most things I put my mind to

C. I'm on the fence

D. I lack confidence in most things

Scoring: If you have mostly A and B answers, that's a strong indication that you are suited for blue-collar work. If you have a lot of C and D answers, it may not be right for you. If you have three or more D answers, you should take a critical look at blue-collar work before plunging in.